Titus 2 Ministries
2 Chronicles 16:9a 

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.”

Dear God, may You find in me a heart you can use to show Yourself strong through me.

Two years ago my heart was burdened for the children who came faithfully on our church bus routes. I watched as they grew into teenagers and made detrimental life decisions.  My heart broke when I learned that one of those teenagers no longer came to church because she was a single parent.  During soul winning, I would meet men and women who shared that they rode our church buses as children. However, it was evident that they were not living what they had been taught.  These and similar instances caused me to beg God to show me a way to help.  

It all started with just one girl.  She was eager to come to Sunday School and the Morning Service.  After the service, we would eat lunch together and talk about the sermon or any other topic concerning the Bible. We studied the Bible until 3:00 when the buses ran and the afternoon bus minsitry services began.  I started discipling her and watching her grow in the Lord.  Before I knew it, she had invited her friends, adding many to our group. Not having a similar ministry to look to for as an example, I had to rely solely on God's leadership.  There have been many things that work, and many that did not.  God has taught me very much, and I am still learning. God has blessed whenever we have followed His guidance, and currently, we have 8-12 faithful girls.  While what works for our ministry may not work for you,  this website is an attempt to share what I have learned.   The only true way to successfully disciple someone is to put it in His hands and let Him lead.  It’s His program anyway!